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(California Wine Country)

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About Us

Over the last 30 years, our company has reconditioned wine barrels in Sonoma County. Providing the wine, craft distiller and craft beer industry with a premium reconditioned barrel has been our goal. In fact, our customers  have produced award-winning wine and spirits in ReCoop barrels. For a bit of history, let's read on......

In the beginning, the concept of barrel reconditioning wasn't easily accepted on all sides of the wine industry. Being located in the heart of California Wine Country made the development of our proprietary process a bit of a challenge. It also provided us with a very good testing ground. As we received feedback, from some of the best palates in the wine industry, this allowed us to fine-tune our reconditioning process.

We're very proud of the hard-work and ingenuity it took to develop our proprietary machinery. Our barrel planer didn't come from a big box hardware store. We actually designed and patented our barrel planer, as well as other equipment used in our reconditioning process. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and dollars went into the founding of the company, and the establishment of a reputable supply chain for those in the barrel-aged beverage industry.

Today, with proven results, barrels reconditioning is widely accepted as a "green" sustainable practice. And now, the idea of reusing a product that was once thrown out or even burned, appeals to most in the community.

That being said, An affordable alternative to a new barrel has began its journey ...


The Process

ReCoop Barrels, an early pioneer to reconditioning wine barrels, is celebrating 30 years in business. Our proprietary process is simple:

ReCoop Barrels using specially designed machines, planes the wood "with the grain", removing 1/4" of the interior to ensure that all wine-penetrated wood is removed while maintaining the wood's integrity and allowing the stave to once again contribute its flavor and oxygenation benefits. We take special care to select only these barrels that pass our inspection process.

Industry Services

ReCoop offers:

Barrel Assessment,  Barrel Reconditioning, Reconditioned Barrels for Sale, Barrel Repair, Small Barrels for Sale, and Barrel Maintenance for Home Winemakers.

   Labor Charges  
Cooperage Charges                          $100.00 per hour 
Minimum Charge   $50.00  half Hour
Travel Charge (For on site work)   $80.00
Sanding Barrels   $30.00
  Barrel Reconditioning   
Small Barrel Reconditioning   $75.00 per barrel
Whiskey Barrel Reconditioning   $200 per barrel
   Reconditioning includes toasting and outside sanding  
  Used Barrels Please call for pricing: (707) 829-7103   


Established in 1987. An early innovator in reconditioning wine barrels; ReCoop Barrels was one of the first cooperages in California Wine Country to use specially engineered machines. Our patented machinery planes the wood with the grain, removing 14" of the interior, ensuring all wine-penetrated wood is removed. Our process of planing with the grain (not cross-cutting) is used to achieve the utmost flavor from the oak and optimize the oxygenation benefits. A smooth interior finish allows for uniform toasting, revealing flavors of creamy vanilla, sweet toffee and butterscotch, to spicy undertones of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg, or, a mild to rich smokiness, depending on your toast specifications, the original cooperage, and oak forest/region.

Barrel Care

Handle the barrel carefully so not to displace staves. Barrels should be stored off the ground in a temperature and if possible humidity controlled cellar away from direct sunlight.

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